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Stokes phenomenon, Resurgence and Physics

IRMA, Strasbourg, Oct. 12-14th 2016

Some practical information

From the airport : there is a train shuttle to the railway station, from one to four each hour (see schedule : you might have to zoom in several times to reach a readable size). From there, a tram goes to the city centre and to the university.

From the railway station : reach city centre or the university by tram.

To reach IRMA : the tram stop is « Universités », then you have to walk about three minutes. IRMA is the small building at the corner between Rue du Général Zimmer and Allée Fourier on the detailed map here.

These infos are taken from there (in french).

Map of Strasbourg : Google maps. The airport is about 10km south-west of city centre, the railway station is on the western side, IRMA and Strasbourg university on the eastern side. Total walking time from railway station to IRMA through city centre is approximately 30-35 minutes.

Accomodation : more info to come.